The “infernot” of Unesco

The Monferrato, Heritage of Unesco

In June 2014, the Monferrato entered the Unesco World Heritage Site. It is the sixth component of the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato Wine Landscapes site. A recognition obtained for the beauty of its “infernot”, ancient underground cellars dug in the sandstone or Pietra da Cantoni, heritage of the seabed that characterized Monferrato between 5,5 and 3 million of years ago.

These tunnels, sometimes several meters deep below the ground, are extraordinary and functional works of art, often made by simple country masons, who had only empirical knowledge of architecture.

In the past food was also kept here in addition to wine. A peculiarity of this Unesco site, the fiftieth, is that the value of “cultural landscape” has been recognized, the result of the action and skilful work of men and women who over the centuries have preserved the hills by growing vines and producing wine. Another Unesco site of Monferrato is the “Santuario del Sacro Monte di Crea” (Sanctuary of the Sacro Monte di Crea).