Who we are

Our aim

To support, promote and spread the Monferace Project, the Monferace Association was established in Februar 2016.

The founding members are twelve

The main objectives are the communication and divulgation of the Monferace and the creation of an entrepreneurial network in Monferrato, the production area, which allows a relaunch of these hills.

The association deals with the organization of events, seminars and conferences and participates in initiatives for the promotion of activities related to Monferace also through participation in fairs, exhibitions, workshops and any other scientific, cultural, food and wine event.

It is possible to join for wine entrepreneurs who produce Grignolino (Doc d’Asti, of Monferrato Casalese, Piedmont) in the area of the Monferrato Aleramico, associations of agricultural producers, winemakers and other subjects identified by the Assembly that have the characteristics suited to the achievement of social purposes.

In addition, the “Amici del Monferrato” category was established, to which companies and/or associations outside the Monferrato Aleramico can also join.