The Procedure Guideline

The Monferace and its rules

The Monferace has its own production procedure guideline. Anyone who wants to produce this Grignolino must follow the established rules. The first is that Monferace is produced from 100% Grignolino grapes. The wine can be put on the market only after a minimum aging period of 40 months, calculated from November 1st of the vintage year, of which at least 24 months in wooden barrels. The registered vineyards must be planted on limestone-silt-clay soils, in various combinations, also with the natural presence of sandy sediments. The vineyards must be exclusively hilly, with suitable exposure to ensure the best ripening of the grapes.

The number of vines per hectar cannot be less than 4000. The culture methods are the traditional ones of this area (counter-espalier with upright vegetation). Pruning systems can be those traditionally used to obtain quality such as traditional guyot and low spurred cordon. The maximum yield of grapes must not exceed 7 tons per hectar.

Monferace will be produced exclusively in the best years.