Accornero family members have been vine growers for four generations, and they still produce high quality wines with the same passion and devotion that inspired great-grandfather Bartolomeo.
Bartolomeo Accornero, born in 1839, and his wife, Giuseppina Lasagna, already owners of a small agricultural holding adjacent to the present vineyard estate, had five children. Besides managing his own lands, helped by his son Giuseppe Bartolomeo also took over the management of “Palazzo dei Conti di Callori” estate (today home of Vignale Monferrato Regional wine centre).
In 1897, after many years of hard work and savings, he purchased Cascina Ca’ Cima, then owned by noble chevalier Negri. The generation was then continued by Giuseppe’s son, Giovanni Battista Angelo Accornero, who married Alfonsina Coppo: from their union a child was born, Giulio Accornero, the actual owner of the estate with the wife Mariuccia and the sons Ermanno and Massimo…
Ca’ Cima is situated in the pleasant countryside of Vignale Monferrato municipality and covers an area of 20 hectares, all dedicated to the cultivation of vineyards. 
The wine-cellar, although well-equipped with modern technology, remains faithful to traditional wine-making processes, offering typical, high quality Monferrato wines.